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How The Process Works!

Camping activities are managed by officers and a board who are elected by the members. At the end of each year, members meet and discuss which campgrounds they would like to visit the following year and choose which months they will be attending.


Funds are then collected in advance for the state and private parks so the Treasurer can make group reservations as soon as sites are available. This process creates a significant convenience for members. In most cases when the time comes, they just have to arrive and check-in. Most of the planning and reservation headaches are already done.


Members can volunteer to be Trailbosses for specific camputs. Trailbosses are responsible for coordinating meals for Saturday morning and evening. A theme is decided on and all members who are attending a particular campout are assigned their contribution to a meal. Needless to say, members are quite familiar with local cuisine for other time slots.


Group members enjoy various activities that usually depend on what activities are available nearby. Some may go bike riding or walking on trails in the campground. Others may want to visit local points of interest. Others enjoy activities offered by the campgrounds such as boating and/or fishing. Sometimes we just enjoy gathering in small groups to play a favorite game. It's pretty casual and each campout is different.


Breakfasts and dinners are usually together as a group whether its potluck style at the campground or enjoying a favorite local restaurant. Meals are a time when we share stories and catch up on what's happening in each others lives.

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